Al Manar Language School American Section is committed to the intellectual and personal development of its students, inspiring them and empowering them to become positive, active global citizens. A holistic education is provided that encourages high standards of academic achievement, meaningful collaboration, and personal development, while supporting the unique needs of each learner. We encourage the expression of multiple perspectives in a safe and nurturing learning environment, such that the cultural identity of each student is valued. We prepare students to contribute to and thrive in a multicultural society. We support students in the development of skills and learning strategies. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and well-being. Learning explicitly addresses guided and independent inquiry and investigations, skill development, and thinking strategies for finding solutions to the complex problems inherent in the challenges posed in developing a sustainable and peaceful world.

The focus of our environment at Al Manar Language School is learner centered—students, teachers, and parents are all involved in improving. This transcends the classic moniker of student centered as we recognize that as adults, we still have much to learn ourselves. We believe that it is also crucial that our faculty and leadership team also see themselves as constant learners

We strive for our students to be better each day academically, artistically, athletically, and in their willingness to take action. We strive for our teachers to improve every day their understanding of pedagogy, the intricacies of instruction, and the social dynamics of a learning community. We strive for our parents to be proactively involved in the cognitive and social developments of their children and learn how to reinforce learning.

Purpose & Direction

Purpose : Al-Manar Language School strives to instill values and a passion for lifelong learning. We create independent thinkers and responsible individuals that can add value to life and human experience.

Direction : In our pursuit of creating independent thinkers, we equip our students with tools of knowledge acquisition and verification. We encourage constructive criticism, uphold freedom of thought, and create a learning environment conducive to life-changing experiences.


Al Manar School Ring Road Schools District 5  Phone: 002-01289734788  e-mail: admin@almanarschool. net


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