Al Manar Language School American Section's administration and staff   adhere to certain beliefs that guide the actions and attitudes they adopt.


  • Each student is unique and has a worth contribution to the classroom and the school.
  • Staff shares a commitment to a vision of success for all students in a rigorous academic curriculum.
  • We are committed to effectiveness of instruction that is assertively monitored and supported.
  • Students and Staff must build positive relationships and community.
  • Diversity should bring us closer together rather than divide us.
  • We are all committed to thinking, growing, and inquiring.
  • Developing in every student mental, social and creative abilities.
  • School should enable the student to have self-confidence so as to form good and moral personality
  • Staff should guide the student to form spiritual values and to have accepted moralities.
  • Giving the student the opportunity to learn discipline and form good human relationships with others.
  • Granting the child the chance to learn through others or by him.
  • Enabling every student to have a sound body through the physical training so as to have a sound mind
  • Cultivating the trait of perseverance in all students to pave the way for achieving success.

Purpose & Direction

Purpose : Al-Manar Language School strives to instill values and a passion for lifelong learning. We create independent thinkers and responsible individuals that can add value to life and human experience.

Direction : In our pursuit of creating independent thinkers, we equip our students with tools of knowledge acquisition and verification. We encourage constructive criticism, uphold freedom of thought, and create a learning environment conducive to life-changing experiences.


Al Manar School Ring Road Schools District 5  Phone: 002-01289734788  e-mail: admin@almanarschool. net


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