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قريبا افتتاح موقع مدرسة المنار الخاصة للغات

Holiday in the twenty-third birthday is the day of the opening of the official website of the school after the renewal and amendment.

Preparation, design, programming and technology development school team.

 1554,    19  May  2015 ,   Preparatory & Secondary News
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Purpose & Direction

Purpose : Al-Manar Language School strives to instill values and a passion for lifelong learning. We create independent thinkers and responsible individuals that can add value to life and human experience.

Direction : In our pursuit of creating independent thinkers, we equip our students with tools of knowledge acquisition and verification. We encourage constructive criticism, uphold freedom of thought, and create a learning environment conducive to life-changing experiences.


Al Manar School Ring Road Schools District 5  Phone: 002-01289734788  e-mail: admin@almanarschool. net


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